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Private Vault
Welcome to the entry way to the Teachers' Vault at Explore Biology. The Vault is the password-protected private Teachers' area -- where I store the files for teachers' eyes only.

To gain access, please follow these directions accurately to receive a password from me:

1. You must mail your request from your school address.
Please do not mail it from your personal address and then just include your school e-mail address in the body of the e-mail. I get hundreds of these requests and I can no longer afford the time to search for school addresses within the body of the e-mail. Mail to

2. You must make the Subject line of the e-mail "Vault Access".
Nothing more; nothing less. This allows me to automatically sort the requests into a special mailbox. BTW, please do not include the quotation marks.

3. You must include the following information:

  a. Your school contact info (address & school telephone),

  b. Your chairperson's contact info,

  c. Your principal's contact info, and

  d. A link, if you have one, to a Web page listing you as faculty member.

For security purposes, I may follow up first to confirm your status as a teacher, so access to this section is never immediate.

Use your password to Enter the Vault.

PLEASE NOTE: The password access to the Vault has been updated for 2010-2011, so your old password will not work.

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